Friday, March 6, 2009

A few Christmas pages

Every Christmas Eve we have Christmas out to my mom's house. We always have Santa come and bring a present for all the kids. Each child takes his/her turn on Santa's lap and then Santa has to leave so he can start to deliver presents. This is a picture of him as he was just leaving. He sure has a busy night ahead of him!! The snow is done with sugar coating. You can't see it very well but it turned out really nice! The trees and the sleigh were done with Christmas Solutions cartridge. That is such an awesome cartridge!
This is my twin nephews Evan and Eli, they at least sat on Santa's lap this year. Last year they really didn't want anything to do with Santa! Sleigh was done with one of the Christmas cartridges.
Alayna liked Santa this year too! The twins and her are the same age. It's fun when they enjoy things like this instead of being afraid! Santa and Mrs. Clause were cut with the PPDU cartridge.
This is my favorite picture of Alayna. She looks so sweet and innocent (but boy do we know better!) Just kidding! The flowers and the words were done with the Cricut and the circle frame was done with the Martha Stewart punch!

Our Top Model

Alayna modeling

This is my dear granddaughter Alayna. She loves to change clothes so my DIL had her model them while she took pictures. I thought they turned out really good! All the wording, the arrow and the flourishes was done with the Cricut.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This is our lazy cat who thinks she is human! Notice that her head is on the pillow! She was really comfy cozy this day!
One afternoon my daughter, hubby and I were playing marbles and our cat Coco just had to get involved and play too! Both of my cats love playing with the marbles. We played this one night and didn't put it up so the next morning when we came downstairs the cards were on the board but every marble was gone off the board! We found them all over the kitchen plus under the stove and refrigerator! These cats are ornery at night!
My granddaughter has a thing for shoes...she goes and gets everyones shoes and tries them on and walks around in them even though she falls! She grabbed my daughters one day and I had to have a pic of it. For the layout I just cut a boot free handed and added it on. The title was cut from the Cricut.

This is a few of the layouts I did from our trip to Washington DC
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